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ESMS is Tried, Tested and Proven Over the years, ESMS has grown from just a recruitment web application for collecting applications from scholarship applicants into a robust web and stand-alone application used by most multinational companies and governmental organisation in Nigeria and beyond. Today, ESMS manages well over 20,000 scholars spread over 50 countries around the world. 

ESMS is Secured Using latest cutting-edge technology, ESMS is designed to put users' mind at rest in terms of security. Our servers are monitored round the clock and we provide adequate security from all forms of attack. Also adequate access controls are also put in place for authentication and access to privileged data.

Prompt Information and Adverts
The System comes with a scholarship website wherein advertisements for scholarships and the process for application and published. Also, other notices like short-listing for tests, test results, short-listing for awards, shortlisting for payments and other scholarship management notifications are published with just a click of the button. Old and New awardees have instant information anytime they visit the website. Communication with candidates or awardees can also be done via email or SMS to their mobile phones by eSMS customer service desk.
Online Application
This Service electronically handles applications for scholarship awards via the website. Candidates simply log on to the website and fill out application forms. This removes the hassles of manual applications like printing, distributing, collating and processing of application forms. processing of application is done electronically, based on the client's criteria. Short-listing for award tests (if applicable) and test notifications are also done electronically.
Award Screening Tests
We have a track record of successfully administrating scholarship tests for multinational companies. Tests (electronic, manual or both) are administrated in such a way that exam malpractice as tenable in other tests is totally eliminated. Our unique style of administering tests and examinations nation-wide remains unquestionable, not only that tests and examinations are successfully administered nation-wide, results are promptly released and published online. We can testify to the fact that with electronic examinations, results are released immediately the examination ends while results for manual examinations are released after a maximum of two days.  
Short Listing for Award
Similar to short-listing for test, short-listing for award is done after the test, based on the results of the tests and other criteria set by a particular client, and it is done electronically. Short-listed candidates are informed by Email or SMS automatically by the system (eSMS).
Data Management
Data management and administration are handled by the system. Scholarship administration has been simplified by the Cinfores eSMS. Other activities like verification of the academic performance and status of scholars, short-listing for payment, withdrawal of scholarship, addition of new scholars, etc. are all options, adequately handled by this service. 

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